Pipe Blends

Here pipe enthusiasts find a haven of exceptional blends from around the globe. Explore a diverse array of flavours and blends meticulously curated to satisfy the most refined palates. Our collection has a harmonious blend of both local artisanal creations and internationally renowned brands, ensuring a range that caters to every preference.

We stock an array of distinguished names, these include:


  • Fox
  • Jock
  • Boxer
  • BB
  • Maverick
  • Black and White
  • Horseshoe
  • Rum and Maple
  • Cherry Cavendish

House Blends

  • Tiger Dark Transvaal
  • Haven No. 13
  • Rum & Honey
  • Burley


  • Blackstone: Cherry and Vanilla
  • Holland House: Regular, Black Cavendish, Aromatic, Cherry Cavendish
  • Borkum Riff: Original, Vanilla Cavendish, Cherry Cavendish, Black Cavendish
  • Manitou
  • 7 Seas: Regular, Cherry
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