Deniclean - Pipe Cleaning Fluid

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Occasionally, pipes require a thorough cleaning to remove moisture and ash/dottle residue. Despite regular care, pipe stems can develop a bitter taste, affecting the flavour of your favourite tobacco. To maintain clean and neutral-tasting stems, we offer Deniclean stem cleaner. Formulated with Isopropyl alcohol, this cleaner works quickly and is user-friendly.

1. Allow the pipe to cool and rest for at least 4 hours.
2. Remove the stem and dip a pipe cleaner into the Deniclean solution.
3. Insert the pipe cleaner through the stem until it protrudes from the bottom, then let it sit for 15-30 minutes to allow the solution to take effect.
4. After the designated time, remove the pipe cleaner and discard it.
5. Run another pipe cleaner through the stem and leave it to air dry for a few hours.
6. Before using the pipe again, ensure the stem is completely dry by running another pipe cleaner through it. If it's still wet, allow more time for drying. Always confirm the stem's dryness before use and never ingest the cleaning solution.